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Now start wireshark simultaneously and we would start seeing the GSM data packets in the wireshark. We can also filter out Gsmtap packets.

Figure 12. Percentage of successful attacks in EMEA

Diameter flaws scan results


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OWASP ZAP is a Java-based tool for testing web app security. It has an intuitive GUI and powerful features to do such things as fuzzing, scripting, ...

Mosca - Manual Static Analysis Tool To Find Bugs

No wonder that smartphones are starting to stack up to computers as common targets for online hackers.


Analysis of attacks / vulnerabilities SS7 / Sigtran using Wireshark (and / or tshark) and Snort


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man-in-the-middle attack, mitm, shodan

GestaMed screenshot 1

Version 2.6g2

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With the same speed with which such bots appear, they are blocked by users. Even though the community usually reacts quickly and the hacker has to retire, ...


Bug Bounty Program is becoming more popular in Japan

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An ad in the underground peddling access to a telecommunication network's signaling system

NSO Group

Washington Post notes that Verint do not use their capabilities against American and Israeli citizens, "but several similar systems, marketed in recent ...

The Shadow Brokers, a notorious hacking group that leaked several hacking tools from the NSA, is once again making headlines for releasing another NSA ...

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GSM Hacking With Prepaid Phones

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SS7 ...


OpenSnitch is a GNU/Linux port of the Little Snitch application firewall. Requirements You'll need a GNU/Linux distribution with iptables , NFQUEUE and ...


Yes, you can hack cell phones like on Mr. Robot—just not the way they did

Figure 7. Percentage of successful attacks for sensitive data extraction

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SS7 hack explained

Hackers Taping the Phone Network using SS7 Attacks to Steal Money From Bank Accounts



wireshark screenshot

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Investigation into “Open Secret SS7” Smartphone Hack

Currently, Account Hacker launched a new version v3.9.9, and its WeChat Hacker tool can hack onto WeChat Account holder's ID. Here are the simple steps.

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Siguiendo estos pasos se pueden llevar a cabo los ataques que parece han conmocionado a todo el mundo (Washington Post), y desde luego, no es para menos.

Apps Allow ANYONE to Create Ransomeware! They are EASY TO USE! BEWARE!

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12 Hacking Core Network (SS7 and SIGTRAN)

In such case a normal user like u & me won't get hacked but some great business tycoons my get hacked

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What Is SS7 Attack Explained

Hacker deletes entire student newspaper website of University of Ottawa

Enter the target domain name.

Any Instagram user specifies a cell phone number at profile registration. This procedure, in case of password loss, allows verifying identity to initiate ...

For years, researchers have warned of the design flaws in Signalling System No. 7, an internationally used telecom protocol to route texts and calls. SS7 is ...

A photo that the hacker Thug sent me during a recent chat.

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GFI LanGuard is a network security scanner and patch management tool that provides network mapping and risk analysis. You install the software on a single ...

SS7 Vulnerability Tool

AVYCon 4 Camera 4MP Bundle with NVR.

In short its used to link service providers of one country to another! But in SS7 there we don't have a powerful security! This only works on mutual trust!

You will be prompted, some configuration needed with guidance. Such as, Project name, Base path of the project, set the URL target and the proxy ...

As seen, 144.50 is the frequency at which the RTL-SDR is tuned to or listening. Since we have to listen to an FM channel, we should tune RTL-SDR between ...

Long back we had published a report how anybody can hack WhatsApp using the SS7 flaw. The SS7 flaw has existed for eons now along with fixes but the GSM and ...

What is SS7 attack and how to it work for hacking

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B Screen shots of the running SS7 Attack Simulator Wireshark capture of the tracking attack using

When users try to access a targeted banking website, the attacker-controlled DNS server would redirect them to a system they control.

Even large operators are not protected against conversation tapping, messages monitoring, and fraudulent activity

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SS7 Security Perimeters and INAT0 NAT0 NAT1 definitions

[Image: Screenshot_24.png]

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